The last robots

In the future, a group of robots are left completely abandoned on their planet. Each has a different color, atmosphere, and environment.

Launch 1
The last robots


Get your own last robot and help him travel across the galaxy. This is the first step to reaching your end goal: the new world

Launch 2
The journey


Get your own Last robot spaceship and travel to the new world! This is the second step to your adventure which will enable you to travel to the new world!

Launch 3
The new world

You will be able to travel to the new world with a last robot space ship and get a mutated robot!

Their mission

The only ones who survived the annihilation of their planets now must survive on their own in hopes of finding other survivors and a new inhabitable planet. The robots came across each other in space, in hopes of finding survivors and shelter on a new habitable planet. They continued their journey together as a small group whilst moving across different galaxies.

The planets

The original planets of the last robots


A planet covered in different green structures. A planet full of different shades of green plants and flowers. A planet inhabited by green robots with ape-like features.


A planet covered in only red sword grass and gravel. The inhabitants had red bodies with round faces.


The largest planet, made of stone and sand. A giant desert. Plains full of sand and not a plant in sight due to the scolding hot temperature of the environment. The inhabitants resembles pigs and had a yellow color.


A planet made of plains, water, and ice. Shards of ice fly with the wind. The inhabitants had different shades of blue with ears like rabbits.


A planet completely covered in rain, mountains, and clouds. The robots living here had the ears, paws and snouts like a dog and were purple-colored.


This planet is silent, and full of brown sword grass and almost no wind or sounds. The robots that used to live here looked like deer. They had different shades of brown, hooves and pointy ears.


This planet is covered in high mountains and cloudy weather. The inhabitants were different shades of pink and resemble cats.

Abu Abu

The grey planet has plains of rocks and grass with cool temperatures and robots that resemble soldiers with masks covering their faces.

In search for more

With their spaceships, each a different color and shape, they left their planets in search for a new one. For years there wasn’t a planet in sight. But when there was, there was nothing left of it. Until…

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The new planet They had discovered a new planet. With new plants, different structures...